CCTV has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, both in technology and cost. This has made CCTV more commonplace now and is one of the leading ways to deter intruders, prevent anti-social behaviour and safeguarding employees / visitors.

Statistics show properties with CCTV are 90%! Less likely to be targeted – thieves do not like to be seen. If you would like to discuss a CCTV installation in Stamford, contact KYS Security Ltd today.


At KYS Security we use cutting edge technology and are fully manufacturer trained. Some examples of technologies used are:

This is a great cost effective way to upgrade your current old analogue system as we can now get HD pictures on old coax cable! This style of system requires a digital video recorder to process and store all the images as well as the HD cameras.
IP (or Internet Protocol) cameras come in all shapes, sizes and specifications. We have the ability to install small discreet cameras through to large ‘in your face’ 360 degree PTZ self-tracking domes. IP cameras give a much deeper detailed picture and can even give out a 4K UHD picture. We can transmit the cameras images over a secure wireless link as well, meaning that a remote outbuilding can be protected with ease (as long as it has a power source). Some IP cameras can also record direct to an on-board SD Card alleviating the need for an onsite recorder.
All CCTV systems installed by KYS Security Ltd have the ability to be viewed from anywhere in the world on 3/4/5G or Wi-Fi.

“Excellent service from start to finish. Kys are very professional from the initial phone call through to the final fitted product”

BARRY - Stamford

“We found KYS Security on the internet and asked them to come and look at our old alarm system that was due a service. They arrived at the time agreed and the job was completed to our expectations. Highly recommended.”

JAMES - Ryhall

“We cannot praise KYS Security highly enough, our alarm system was ringing and we couldn’t stop it. Wayne from KYS came out straight away and sorted the fault for us, even though it was not one of his alarms or we were not a customer. Needless to say, we are now!”

MR A JOHNSON - Stamford


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